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Discussion of Nicaraguan Short Stories – January 17

Please come to the Hartford/Ocotal Sister City Project and Hartford Public Library reading group in Room 141 on the first floor of the library at 500 Main St., on Wed., Jan. 17, from 12:30 to 1:30 P.M. The program is part of the library’s Bridging Cultures Series. We will discuss seven Nicaraguan short stories from the period 1969 to 1986 by seven authors, among them Sergio Ramirez and Pablo Antonio Cuadra. The stories illustrate an often overlooked heritage of Nicaraguan fiction.

Dealing with a wide range of topics such as poverty, the Somozan dictatorship, and cattle-ranch culture, these short stories may be found on pages 107 through 153 in the anthology Contemporary Short Stories from Central America edited by Enrique Jaramillo Levi and Leland H. Chambers (U. of Texas 1994). The book is available at such local colleges and universities as Trinity, Wesleyan, U. of Hartford, UCONN, Yale, Smith, and Mt. Holyoke. The book is also available from local and online booksellers, and we have a few copies available for loan.

All are welcome at the informal reading group discussions. Participants may take their lunches and there is no admission fee or registration. Please contact us if you would like to borrow a book or to get further information.  We hope to see you on Jan. 17.

Kate and Sherwood Anderson    kganderson@snet.net  or sanderson03@snet.net


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The Hartford/Ocotal Sister City Project is a story of two cities reaching out to each other, one in Nicaragua, Central America, the other Connecticut in the United States.  It begins in 1986 when the Hartford Ocotal Sister City Project(HOSCP) was established with the help of the Capitol Region Conference of Churches and moves forward again in 1995 when the Project began providing seed money for a micro-lending program called FUNAFAM, which is based on the Grameen Bank model. Financial support from this program has helped hundreds of Ocotal women start small businesses of their own.

Over a period of 29 years HOSCP has used contributions to help fund the following programs, evolving from direct material aid to self-help initiatives:

  • Material aid shipments in conjunction with the New Haven-Leon SCP
  • Educational events
  • Helping to fund the purchase of an ambulance
  • Helping to fund the clean water project
  • Hurricane Mitch relief
  • FUNAFAM, a microcredit program based on the Grameen Bank model. Loaning small amounts of money to individuals starting small businesses
  • Health education programs in outlying areas surrounding Ocotal

Many of the founders of the HOSCP are still active in the work. The sister-city commitment does not go out of fashion, nor does it cease to inspire those involved.

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